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Hanrinth, Rodchares (2015) Development Of The Comprehensive Community-Based Model For Managing Dementia Patients With Bpsd In A Rural Area In Thailand. PhD thesis, Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Abd Rashid, Nur Haslindawaty (2005) Development Of Delta Amino Levulinic Acid Auxotrophic Of Vibrio Cholerae O1 El Tor Ogawa. Masters thesis, USM.

Abdul Hadi Ali Alsalihy, Wafaa (2007) A New Router Certification Authority Protocol For Securing Mobile Internet Protocol Version 6. PhD thesis, USM.

Abdul Rani, Rozina (2007) Rekabentuk Dan Fabrikasi Isfet Berasaskan Silikon Sebagai Penderia Ph. Masters thesis, USM.

Abdul-Hafedh Anaam, Mohammed Saif (2007) Method Development For The Detection Of Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (Ddt) Metabolites In Meconium Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Masters thesis, USM .

Abdulla Alfadly, Saeed Obeid (2007) Pharmacokinetic Studies Of Ciprofloxacin And Theophylline And Of The Interaction Between These Two Drugs In Healthy Malaysian Volunteers. PhD thesis, USM.

Abdullah, Shubair A. (2007) Off-Line Handwritten Arabic Characters Segmentation Using Slant-Tolerant Segment Features (Stsf). Masters thesis, USM.

Abdulrazzack, Suhail Abdulaziz (2007) A Computational Study On A Nature Inspired Novel Doubly Curved Folded Shell Structural Form. PhD thesis, USM.

Abu Bakar, Najwa (2007) Intrusion Alert Quality Framework For Security False Alert Reduction. Masters thesis, USM .

Adnan, Muhammad Akram (2007) Development Of Entrance Ramp Merging Density Model Based On An Urban Expressway Traffic Condition. PhD thesis, USM.

Ahmad, Rosmaini (2007) Development Of Decision Model For Maintenance Analysis Of Non-Repairable Component By Considering The External Factor. Masters thesis, USM .

Ahmad Shah, Noor Aisyah (2007) Nanostructured Materials As Catalysts For The Production Of Gasoline From Used Palm Oil And Crude Palm Oil: Synthesis, Characterization And Activity Studies. Masters thesis, USM.

Ahmed Almualm, Yahya Khamis (2007) Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Husbands Towards Modern Family Planning In Mukalla, Yemen. Masters thesis, USM .

Al-Dhalli, Samer (2007) Preparation And Evaluation Of Fenofibrate-Gelucire 44/14 Solid Dispersions. Masters thesis, USM.

Alifuddin, Suhaili (2006) Rekabentuk Sistem Pembacaan Meter Kilo Watt Jam ( Kwj ) Secara Telemetri. Masters thesis, USM.

Ar.Azmi, Siti Aishah (2007) Pengukuran Dan Perbandingan Paras Kepekatan 222rn Dalam Tanah Mengikut Siri Dan Tekstur Tanah Di Kawasan Seberang Perai Utara, Pulau Pinang. Masters thesis, USM.

Asualingam, Theepa (2007) Development And Validation Of Hplc Method For Simultaneous Determination Of Haloperidol And Reduced Haloperidol In Plasma: Application In Pharmacokinetic Study. Masters thesis, USM .

Aziz, Mohd Fairuz Affandi (2007) Pengkelasan Dan Pencirian Sampel Tanah Menggunakan Gelombang Mikro. Masters thesis, USM.

Azlan, Umar Al-Amani (2006) Kesan Parameter Pemprosesan Pengisaran Planetari Terhadap Hasilan Elektroseramik Ba0.7sr0.3tio3. Masters thesis, USM .


Balakrishnan, Saraswathy (2006) Rice Husk Ash Silica As A Support Material For Iron And Ruthenium Based Heterogeneous Catalyst. Masters thesis, USM.

Basari, Norasmah (2007) Studies On Species Composition, Seasonal Abundance, Food Preferences And Control Of Structure-Infesting Ants In Student Housings In Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang. Masters thesis, USM.

Binthabet, Mansoor Mohammed Abdulla (2007) Thermal Behavior In The Traditional Courtyard Houses Of Yemen. PhD thesis, USM.


Che Radzi, Nurhaslina (2007) Separation Of Hydrochloric Acid And Glucose Using Electrodialysis. Masters thesis, USM.

Che Yunus, Mohd Azizi (2007) Extraction, Identification And Separation Of Vitamin E And Djenkolic Acid From Pithecellobium Jiringan (Jack) Prain Seeds Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide. PhD thesis, USM.


Darmaraj, Mark Rayan (2006) The Population Ecology Of Non-Volant Small Mammals With Particular Reference To The Common Treeshrew (Tupaia Glis) In Gunung Jerai, Kedah. Masters thesis, USM.


Hamat, Zahri (2007) Perakaunan Zakat Perniagaan Di Malaysia : Satu Kajian Rintis Pendapat Cendekiawan Zakat. PhD thesis, USM.

Harun, Rozilawati (2007) Studies On The Mosquito Fauna In An Urban And Suburban Area In Penang And The Laboratory Efficacy Of Mosquito Coils Containing Different Active Ingredients Against Selected Vector Mosquitoes. Masters thesis, USM.

Hossain, Quazi Sazzad (2007) Estimation Of Turning Adjustment Factors At Signalised Intersections According To Malaysian Traffic Conditions. PhD thesis, USM.

Hussein, Rabeaah (2006) Analysis Of Acrylamide Monomer Formation In Refined, Bleached And Deodorised Palm Olein During Deep Frying Of French Fries. Masters thesis, USM .


Ibrahim, Siti Aida (2007) Synthesis And Characterization Of Zeolites From Sodium Aluminosilicate Solution. Masters thesis, USM.


Jabit, Nurul’ain (2007) The Production And Characterization Of Activated Carbon Using Local Agricultural Waste Through Chemical Activation Process. Masters thesis, USM .


K.Jeganathan, Sanmuga Nathan (2007) Kesan Program Latihan Menggunakan Model Taktikal Dengan Stail Pengajaran Berbeza Terhadap Murid Pelbagai Tahap Kemahiran Permainan Hoki. PhD thesis, USM.

Karim, Sabrina (2007) Penspesiesan Logam Berat Dalam Air Sisa Campuran Industri Di Sistem Perparitan Tertutup , Zon Perindustrian Prai 1 Dan 2, Pulau Pinang. Masters thesis, USM.

Karthigasoo, Sakthiaseelan (2007) A Multi-Tier Knowledge Discovery Info-Structure Using Ensemble Techniques. Masters thesis, USM .

Kumorotomo, Wahyudi (2007) The Politics Of Fiscal Decentralisation In Indonesia A Study On Policy Development 1974-2004. PhD thesis, USM.


Lau, Wai Hoe (2007) Identification Of Biomarker And Development Of Screening Method For Kidney Stone Disease. Masters thesis, USM .

Lau , Kok Keong (2007) Feed Spacer Of Spiral Wound Membrane Module For Nanofiltration And Reverse Osmosis: Modeling, Simulation And Design. PhD thesis, USM.

Lee, Shaun Wen Huey (2007) Evaluation Of Acupuncture Therapy For Chronic Prostatitis/chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. PhD thesis, USM.

Lee , Kok Onn (2007) Studies Of Convective Drying Using Numerical Analysis On Local Hardwood. Masters thesis, USM.

Lim, Mook Tzeng (2007) Characterization Of A Bubbling Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasifier. Masters thesis, USM .

Lim, Suat Ping (2006) Adsorbent Supplemented Treatment Of Landfill Leachate In Sequencing Batch Reactor. Masters thesis, USM .

Lim, Wei Lee (2007) Development Of A Multicomponents Degradable Plastics, Through The Combination Of The Sago Starch And Polyethylene/poly (ε-Caprolactone) Blends. Masters thesis, USM.

Ling, Yu Lang (2007) Treatability Of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (Pome) Using Black Liquor In An Anaerobic Treatment Process. Masters thesis, USM.


Mamat @ Mohamed, Zakira (2007) Program Rehabilitasi Kardiak Dan Kesannya Terhadap Kualiti Hidup Pesakit Infarksi Miokardium Di Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia Kelantan. Masters thesis, USM.

Mayappan, Ramani (2007) Study On The Wetting Properties, Interfacial Reactions And Mechanical Properties Of Sn-Zn And Sn-Zn-Bi Solders On Copper Metallization. PhD thesis, USM.

Mohamad, Nizaha Juhaida (2007) Potensi Sisa Pemprosesan Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) Sebagai Bahan Asas Perisa Makanan. Masters thesis, USM.

Mohamad, Zurina (2007) Characterization And Properties Of Epoxidised Natural Rubber (Enr-50) / Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (Eva) Blends. PhD thesis, USM.

Mohamad Zain, Nurhayati (2007) Kajian Morfologi, Kepatogenan Dan Molekular Pencilan Fusarium Daripada Orkid. Masters thesis, USM .

Mohammad, Noorshashillawati Azura (2007) Synthesis, Characterization And Properties Of The New Unsaturated Polyester Resins For Composite Applications. Masters thesis, USM.

Mohammed Ahmed, Rehab Abdallah (2007) Development And Evaluation Of Terbutaline Sulphate Loaded-Biodegradable Microspheres For Pulmonary Delivery. Masters thesis, USM .

Mohammed Saghir, Mohammed (2008) Quality Of Service Enabled Cross-Layer Multicast Framework For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. PhD thesis, USM.

Mohd Arif Zainol, Mohd Remy Rozainy (2007) Modeling Of Flow Characteristics In A Pump Sump Physical Model Using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Masters thesis, USM .

Mohd Darus, Rozaida (2006) Data Organization For Data Broadcasting In Mobile Computing. Masters thesis, USM .

Mohd Husin, Norainy (2007) Morphological And Genetic Variability Of Malaysian Channa Spp Based On Morphometric And Rapd Techniques. Masters thesis, USM .

Mohd. Hassan, Rodiah (2007) Pengekstrakan Dan Sifat-Sifat Ekstrak Yis Daripada Candida Utilis. Masters thesis, USM.

Munusamy, Sri Jaiandran (2006) Heat Pipes In Electronic Packaging. Masters thesis, USM .

Murshed, Mohamad Fared (2007) Penyingkiran Kekeruhan, Pepejal Terampai Dan Aluminium Menggunakan Loji Pandu Pengapungan Udara Terlarut. Masters thesis, USM.

Mustafa, Shaliza Azreen (2007) Aplikasi Ergonomik Dalam Sistem Kerja Untuk Kesejahteraan Motivasi Pekerja Menggunakan Terminal Paparan Visual. Masters thesis, USM .


Najafpour, Shaban (2007) A Water Quality Study With Emphasis On Pesticides In Shiroud River Catchment In Southern Part Of Caspian Sea, Iran. PhD thesis, USM.

Ng, Ying Chow (2007) Developing A Methodology In Aviation Risk Management Based On Susceptibility. Masters thesis, USM .

Ngah, Umi Kalthum (2007) A Mammogram And Breast Ultrasound-Based Expert System With Image Processing Features For Breast Diseases. PhD thesis, USM.


Omar, Zarina (2007) Synthesis Of Hydroxyapatite Powders Via Mechanical Activation Technique. Masters thesis, USM.

Ong, Hock Chye (2007) The Impact Of Oversight Mechanisms On Quality Internal Control And Its Relationship With Firm Operating Performance. PhD thesis, USM.

Ooi, Boon Yaik (2006) Cpu Usage Pattern Discovery Using Suffix Tree For Computational Resource Advisory System. Masters thesis, USM .

Othman, Nadras (2007) Characterisation And Properties Of Bentonite/polypropylene Composite. PhD thesis, USM.

Othman, Nurulhasanah (2006) Construction Of Recombinant Bcg Expressing The Vp1 Antigen Of Enterovirus 71 For The Development Of A Candidate Vaccine. Masters thesis, USM .


Pan, Yih Jyh (2006) Web Personalization Using Implicit Input. Masters thesis, USM.

Pham, Trung Kien (2007) Synthesis Of -Tcp Powder Via Wet Precipitation And Hydrothermal Methods. Masters thesis, USM.

Phon, Chooi Khim (2007) Bionomics Of Aedes Aegypti And Aedes Albopictus In Relation To Dengue Incidence On Penang Island And The Application Of Sequential Sampling In The Control Of Dengue Vectors. Masters thesis, USM .

Prastomo, Niki (2007) Synthesis And Characterization Of Low Bandgap Nanocrystalline T-Zirconia. Masters thesis, USM.

Pujiati, Pujiati (2007) Kelestarian Perjuangan Kongres Wanita Indonesia (Kowani): Analisis Pada Masa Kolonial Dan Pascakolonial. PhD thesis, USM.


Rahman, Sayeeda (2006) Studies On Diabetic And Prediabetic Vascular Disease And The Effect Of Selected Therapeutic Modalities On Associated Vasculopathy. PhD thesis, USM.

Razana, Nur Ariesma (2007) Penyediaan Dan Pencirian Zarah Nano Sno2 Dan Nikel Tersokong Sno2 Serta Kajian Aktiviti Pemangkinannya Terhadap Penghidrogenan Stirena. Masters thesis, USM.


SANTOSO, HENNY SUMILO (2005) Evaluation Of Tannin From Rhizophora Apiculata As Rust Converter. Masters thesis, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Saidin, Saidatunur Fauzi (2007) Audit Committee Characteristics And Quality Of Unaudited Financial Accounts. Masters thesis, USM .

Saif Al-Aghbari, Saif Yousuf (2007) Social Studies Teaching In Oman: Teachers' Concerns And Levels Of Use In The Adoption Of Student-Centered Teaching Approach. PhD thesis, USM.

Sam, Teek Ling (2007) Kaedah-Kaedah Lelaran Berprasyarat Dalam Penyelesaian Persamaan Pembezaan Separa. Masters thesis, USM .

Samsudin, Nur Hana (2007) Study On Phonetic Context Of Malay Syllables Towards The Development Of Malay Speech Synthesizer. Masters thesis, USM.

Sanik, Mohd Erwan (2007) Development Of Unsignalised Intersection Analysis Procedure For The Malaysian Highway Capacity Manual. Masters thesis, USM .

Sulaiyam Al Sakiti, Salim Rashid (2007) Epistemological Beliefs And Their Effects On Reading Strategies, Metacognitive Strategies And Performance In An E-Learning Environment At Sultan Qaboos University. PhD thesis, USM.

Suriadi, Suriadi (2006) Analysis Of Harmonics Current Minimization On Power Distribution System Using Voltage Phase Shifting Concept. Masters thesis, USM .


Tan, Lian See (2007) Nanofiltration Treatment For Pesticides Removal: A Case Study For Atrazine And Dimethoate. Masters thesis, USM.

Tan, Teik Siew (2008) A Discrete Distributed Power Amplifier For Vhf To Uhf. Masters thesis, USM .

Tan , Sek Choong (2007) Synthesis And Characterization Of Zeolite Membranes For Binary Gas Separation. Masters thesis, USM.

Tang, Sze Ling (2007) Optimum Slice Reduction Algorithm For Fast Surface Reconstruction From Contour Slices. Masters thesis, USM.

Tang, Weng Chin (2007) Feature Selection For The Fuzzy Artmap Neural Network Using A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm And Tabu Search. Masters thesis, USM .

Tran Thi, Thi Thien Ly (2007) Equal Channel Angular Pressing (Ecap) Process Of Copper Electrodes For Resistance Spot Brazing Application. Masters thesis, USM .


Vannaladsaysy, Vilay (2007) Studies On The Properties Of Bagasse Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites. Masters thesis, USM.

Vendra, Venkata Krishna (2007) Advanced E- Presentation System Of A Work Plan For Improved Project Communication. Masters thesis, USM .


Wael Abedl Muhdi, Yacoup Salah (2007) Development Of Multistage Cuk Converter For Pv Voltage Regulation. Masters thesis, USM .

Wang, Shir Li (2007) A Hybrid Intelligent System For Data Analysis And Visualization. Masters thesis, USM .

Wardhani, Tribuana Surya (2007) Perbandingan Populasi Larva Odonata Di Beberapa Sungai Di Pulau Pinang Dan Hubungannya Dengan Pengaruh Habitat Dan Kualiti Air. Masters thesis, USM.

Wong, Cheng Teng (2007) Removal Of Volatile Organic Compound (Voc) From Air Using Zeolite Based Adsorption-Catalytic Combustion System. Masters thesis, USM.

Wong, Thean Hung Wilson (2006) Distributed Time Division Multiple Access (Dtdma) Medium Access Control Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks. Masters thesis, USM .

Wong, Wai Chi (2007) Analysis Of The Suspension Beam In Accelerometer For Stiffness Constant And Resonant Frequency By Using Analytical And Numerical Investigation. Masters thesis, USM .

Wong , Jing Wen (2007) The Feeding Behaviour Of The Ghost Ants, Tapinoma Melanocephalum (Fabricius) And Tapinoma Indicum (Forel) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Masters thesis, USM.


Yam, Fong Kwong (2007) The Study Of Gan Materials For Device Applications. PhD thesis, USM.

Yam , Kok Peng (2007) The Effect Of Carbon Black And Silica Fillers On Cure Characteristics And Mechanical Properties Of Breaker Compounds. Masters thesis, USM.

Yeap, Pei Koon (2007) Volumetric Studies Of Lecithin-Water Dispersions. Masters thesis, USM.

Yeap, Tee Khoon (2007) 5 Stages Improvement Model (5sim) For Integrating Lean Manufacturing And Six Sigma Dmaic. Masters thesis, USM .

Yeoh, Boon Hoi (2007) Tunneling Behaviour And Barrier Penetration Of Subterranean Termites With Special Reference To Coptotermes Gestroi (Wasmann) (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae). Masters thesis, USM.

Yeup Zainudin, Mat Rosli (2005) Assessment Of Fish Community Distribution And Composition In The Perak River In Order To Determine Biological Indicators For Freshwater Health. Masters thesis, USM.

Yong, Yek Sing (2007) Determination Of Synthetic Phenolic Antioxidants In Food Items Using Hplc And Total Antioxidants Using Fia Approaches. Masters thesis, USM .

Yong , Mun Kong (2007) Preparation And Properties Of New Thermoplastic Elastomer Based On Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (Eva)/ Natural Rubber Blends. Masters thesis, USM.


Zainal Abidin, Nurikhwani Idayu (2007) Evaluating Signalized Intersection Capacity Based On Malaysian Road Conditions. Masters thesis, USM .

Zainal Abidin, Zulkifli (2007) Development Of A Vision System For Ship Hull Inspection. Masters thesis, USM .

Zakaria, Mohamed Nordin (2007) Multiresolution Ray Tracing For Point-Based Geometry. PhD thesis, USM.

Zakaria, Rahimah (2006) The Expression Of Insulin-Like Growth Factors And Their Receptors At Preimplantation Stage In Reproductive Tissue Of Diabetic Mouse. PhD thesis, USM.

Zhang, Qian (2007) Functional Properties And Storage Stability Of Alkali Soluble Chicken Meat Protein And Modified Waxy Corn Starch Blend System. PhD thesis, USM.

Zhari, Salman (2007) Development Of Identification Technique By Ftir-Pca For Supercritically Extracted Metabolites From Parkia Speciosa (Hassk) Seeds. Masters thesis, USM .

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