Exploring the semiotics of the Dayak Motifs in Sarawak

Kanyana, Ringah and Abd Rahman, Zainurul Aniza (2015) Exploring the semiotics of the Dayak Motifs in Sarawak. In: Conference Proceedings of Social Sciences Postgraduate International Seminar (SSPIS). School of Social Sciences, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, pp. 167-175. ISBN 978-967-11473-2-0

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Dayak traditional motifs once played as an important element in the non-verbal communication among the Dayak’s people. Some of the motifs are still considered sacred and as medium of communication representing the spiritual beings or as a source of warlord power, which believed of capable to weaken their enemies or opponents. In addition to spiritual means, Dayak motifs also widely used in objects such as war artifacts, ceremonial arts, costumes, architecture and transportation. Complexity, inconsistency, and misinterpretation on semiotic of the traditions Dayak motifs were gradually suppressed its communicative significant, which eventually shifted to a mere manifestation of the modern Dayak symbolic identity. This paper aims to discuss the roles of the Dayak motifs in the current society of Dayak people in Sarawak. This paper will explore the accuracy and standardization in semiotic interpretation of the Dayak people’s traditional motifs. This will also present semiotic theories as research method to define semiotic of visual sign or symbols within the context of the Dayaks visual communication. It hopes to facilitate better communications among the Dayaks of various regions in Sarawak.

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